I. Marketing and Business Intelligence
  • Mystery Shopping /Experience Respondents
  • Operational Audit Compliance Check
  • Competitive Intelligence
II. Market and Consumer Research Studies
  • Program Effectiveness and Conversion Studies
  • Brand Awareness and Loyalty Tracking
  • Concept, Packaging and Claims Testing
  • Media and Digital Advertising Tracking
III. Retail and Trade Audits
  • Distribution and Shelving Compliance
  • Shoppers Marketing Promo Evaluation
  • Planogram Compliance and Monitoring

Our Strategy

We customize and tailor-fit our Market Intelligence Services depending on our client’s needs and business objectives.

About Us

We are the leading marketing intelligence and research firm that specializes in research insights, program monitoring, and evaluating the implementation of marketing, sales and media services.

We provide clients with accurate information on consumer insights and 3rd party agency performance that aids in strategic decision making and identifying opportunity areas for business-building.

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